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Female, 26 years from Istanbul, Turkey:
Skin color: White.
Build: Regular.
Looks: Sexy.
Hair color: Blond.
Hair length: Long.
Eye color: Blue.
Bust size: C Large.
Height: 5`7 (171cm).
Smoker: Smoker but will not if asked.
Nationality: Ukrainian.
Languages: English, Russian.
Availability: INCALL, OUTCALL.
About me:
Istanbul escort girl Vera is like chocolate grease like Nutella paste – when you open her lid (take off the dress), you anticipate the sweetish & hazelnut taste on your tongue. When you grease the chocolate paste on your toast, you feel and smell the scent, very largely emanating from it. When you bite her (kiss her lips), you eventually feel, as she becomes all yours, as the dissolves in your oral cavity, activating every taste papilla on your tongue. When you chew your toast (penetrate her), you get the orgasm bright as the sun shining on you, as if all winds of the Earth have tied in the knot inside you, as volcano’s eruption coming from your penis and head simultaneously – that tasty and sexy she is.
1h$ 200,00
2h$ 300,00
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