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Female, 24 years from Istanbul, Turkey:
Skin color: White.
Build: Regular.
Looks: Sexy.
Hair color: Black.
Hair length: Long.
Eye color: Dark or black.
Bust size: C Large.
Height: 5`6 (168cm).
Smoker: Smoker but will not if asked.
Nationality: Ukrainian.
Languages: English, Russian.
Availability: INCALL, OUTCALL.
About me:
Turkey escorts are oriented on various categories of clients. Very often, we are asked to deliver such girl that would be completely precise for secular events. They require, as a rule:

a) cold beauty – you know, as people also call such beauty ‘sterile’ – the one with no passion, just pure refinement, like of a marble statue or a painting that you still can look for hours
b) posture that would tell at once she only knows how to behave in high society and was never engaged in some blackening physical work like making mashed potatoes for dinner with TV and beer
c) exceptionally groomed and never leaves the house without the classy makeup
d) one having a fantastic taste to diamonds, silver, and gold, and knows how to look profitably in them and select them for an occasion.
So, congrats – Uliana is the one. Take her.
1h$ 200,00
2h$ 300,00
Languages spoken:
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