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Female, 18 years from Istanbul, Turkey:
Skin color: White.
Build: Slim.
Looks: Sexy.
Hair color: Blond.
Hair length: Long.
Eye color: Blue.
Bust size: B (Medium).
Height: 5`4 (163cm).
Smoker: Smoker but will not if asked.
Nationality: Ukrainian.
Languages: English, Russian.
Availability: INCALL, OUTCALL.
About me:
Students Istanbul escort Lola is completely exciting! Her face is very sweet and innocent but her body is succulent and screams about a need to be possessed several times a day. She is in the very juice, like a peach on a peach tree, hanging under the warm sun and fresh rain, blinking own red-and-yellow sides, covered with peachy fluff and tiny dewdrops. A fruit like this really asks to be taken off the branch of a tree and eaten – and once you take it into your mouth, you immediately feel all blissful colorfulness of its taste: peachy, juicy, fleshy… Is it possible to resist this tensed temptation? Only if it is will be released down and your passion will be satisfied.
1h$ 200,00
2h$ 300,00
Languages spoken:
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